Dean Chin’s Jow Ga Technique – Tiger Claw to Uppercut

14 04 2013

Short and sweet. No description necessary. If you know Jow Ga, you are familiar with this pillar technique of the system.

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Bong Bo Praying Mantis Form

2 04 2013

Bong Bo is not a Jow Ga form. However, Sifu Chin did teach forms he learned from other sources and he used the lessons he learned from those other systems to enhance his Jow Ga. This is not an issue of Dean Chin’s Jow Ga being “pure”–it is finding alternative ways to utilize the system and borrowing the strengths of other systems to make his Jow Ga stronger.

It is said that Kung Fu must evolve with the generations, or the styles become stagnant and stale. This is not like passing down a text that must be kept the same, verbatim. Fighting arts are ever-evolving, becoming stronger, more efficient, more devastating and more strategic. Sifus owe it to their students as well as their Masters to ensure that the art that is imparted to the next generation is an improvement from how the Sifu received it.

Bong Bo was one of two Praying Mantis forms, and one of five forms we drew our Chin Na from. This is simply a demonstration of a form, but if you would like to learn more about what is contained within its movements, we encourage you to contact a Jow Ga Sifu. Thank you for visiting the DC Jow Ga Federation.