Dean Chin’s Jow Ga Technique: Covering Palm

4 05 2013

Otherwise known as the “Kum Sao”.

Demonstrated by Instructor Sharif Talib.  There are two basic defensive strategies in Dean Chin’s Jow Ga:  The simultaneous defense and attack, and the shifting block and attack. When the opponent attacks you have the choice of defending yourself while attacking him (block and strike at the same time) or you could use a strong block that shifts the opponent’s balance. In order to shift the opponent’s center of balance, the strong horse is needed to root yourself–which also makes the simultaneous block and counter difficult–to either knock the opponent over with your position or to completely immobilize the opponent’s striking hand.  The counter must follow a split second later. One of the quickest weapons to use for the shifting block and attack is the Kum Sao; not to be confused with the Pak Sao, which is a slapping block.

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