DC Jow Ga Offerings

Do you like this site? Would you like to support us?

Donate to our site and receive any of the following items!

  • Donate $19 and receive a copy of our mini-book “Make a Living with Your Backyard/Garage/Community Center Dojo”
  • Donate $30 and receive a Jow Ga T-Shirt with one of the following graphics:
Jow Ga Logo Tiger/Cougar 1

Jow Ga Logo Tiger/Cougar I

Jow Ga Tiger/Cougar Logo II - Jow Bil Branch

Jow Ga Tiger/Cougar Logo II – Jow Bil Branch

Jow Ga Logo I

Jow Ga Logo I

**Printed on White T Shirts**

Sizes available–S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXL

  • Donate $50 and receive two of the above shirts (make sure to specify which shirt and size) or a copy of the Dean Chin’s Jow Ga Small Tiger Application Seminar DVD (taught by Sifu Maurice Gatdula):

This DVD was recorded in 2009 at the Typhoon Philippine School of Martial Arts in Sacramento, California. Sifu Gatdula shares the applications of the Siu Fook Fu form, as taught by late Master Dean Chin. Many of the applications taught in this DVD are rarely seen and taught by most Jow Ga schools. Unlock the essence of the first form taught by Sifu Dean Chin’s lineage of Jow Ga. There are many fine points and details you will learn through this video.

  • Donate $100 and receive all three shirts plus the Dean Chin’s Jow Ga Small Tiger Application Seminar DVD!

Please use the secure “Donate” button on the sidebar, using your credit card or Paypal account.

*International orders, please add $10*

If you have questions or comments, please leave comments at the end of this article. Thanks for visiting the DC Jow Ga Federation.

6 responses

25 11 2013

Hi, I wish to donate but just to purchase the DVDs not the clothes so please let me know if there’s any special price for that. Please let me know if there is any new DVDs so I may purchase them. Please reply me to my e-mail address. Thx.

23 12 2013

The DVD is VERY insightful.

Really appreciate the lessons on it. I can honestly say that I really understand the Small Tiger Form more.


4 02 2014
24 07 2014
10 10 2014
11 06 2016

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