Dean Chin’s Small Tiger

3 01 2013

The Siu Fok Fu (Small Subduing Tiger) form is undoubtedly one of the strongest pillar forms of Jow Ga Kung Fu. As central as this form is to the Jow Ga system, the versions vary from school to school, from branch to branch. In most American Jow Ga schools, Small Tiger–as it is known–is the first form taught to Jow Ga students after the foundation level. The foundation level in Jow Ga schools under the Dean Chin lineage consists of learning footwork, basic hand attacks, basic kicks, and physical training to prep the body for the rigors of Jow Ga training. (In many schools, this foundation level contains a footwork pattern named “Stance Training Form”, or “Stepping Form”)

Sifu Raymond Wong is Sifu Chin’s closest student, and in this video is Sifu Li Ling Li, Wong’s niece. She executes this form with the power and intensity that Dean Chin students are taught to use.


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