Build the Horse First

3 01 2013

One of the teaching philosophies used in Dean Chin’s Jow Ga is “Build the Horse First”.

Often in battle, the winner is not determined by who has the sharpest spear–but who has the strongest horse. The legs, in Kung Fu, are referred to as one’s “horse” because what gets the soldier around during skirmishes are his legs if he’s on foot–or his horse if he is on horseback. For those who fight atop horses, just as much training is given to the horse who carries the soldier as to the combat training of the soldier himself. The fighter who is able to outmaneuver his opponent will find combat and self-defense to be much easier and less risky. When one has developed his footwork to evade and opponent who cannot catch him, and to outrun an opponent who cannot escape him–fighting demands less energy and fewer chances of getting hurt from the combatant.

In Jow Ga training, you will learn to move efficiently and explosively before learning to strike an opponent; this is an indication of how important this oft-overlooked skill is. We accomplish by spending a large amount of time holding postures in our six basic stances:

  1. Sei Ping Ma – Four corners horse stance
  2. Jee Um Ma – Bow and Arrow stance
  3. Gum Gai Dok Lop Ma – Golden Rooster Standing on One Leg stance
  4. Kay Lun Ma – Cross Stance
  5. Breaking the Broom Stance
  6. Pak Tui – Drop Leg Stance

You will also learn and practice our “Stance Training Form”–a routine of attack and defensive footwork maneuvers. The first half of the routine teaches basic footwork and the second half combines hand attacks with that footwork and includes our famous “Wheel Punch Technique” which is the Jow Ga fighter’s first “super-technique”. (Super Technique refers to a powerful technique that is difficult for opponents to counter)

It takes about 6 to 9 months for students to properly learn Horse Training. During this time, you will find your upper body strength increase at least threefold. Your leg strength and flexibility will multiply itself at least four or five times. This is not an exaggeration.

Remember, our mission in Jow Ga is to build dominant fighters. This is an ambitious goal, and you will have to put a lot of energy towards meeting it. Building the horse is the first step towards achieving it.

Thank you for visiting DC Jow Ga Federation.



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