DC Jow Ga’s Fu Pow Kune

6 01 2013

Performed by Sifu Maurice Gatdula in Sacramento, CA. Joined the Jow Ga school in 1981, and was a part of the “Sunday” bunch, who trained with Sifu Raymond Wong in the morning, and Sifu Chin in the afternoon–followed by a two hour sparring class taught by Tehran Brighthapt. Also trained during the week with various instructors and was promoted through both the weekend curriculum as well as the official school curriculum, led by Sifu Deric Mims.

Those of you who know this form will notice a section left out of the form, which was intentional. The goof-up during the introduction was un-intentional. 😉  This is what we in the Dean Chin lineage refer to as the “Warlock” version. This form was learned from Sifu Craig Lee in 1986 at Raymond Wong’s school. The Hong Kong version of Fu Pow begins in the standing “Goat Shearing Stance”, while Sifu Chin’s begins with Chan Man Cheung’s Hoi Lai, followed by the tension set in the Sei Ping Ma.

FYI, in other branches of Jow Ga, there are several versions of the Fu Pow form within the same school. One possible reason for this, is that one of the nicknames for Jow Ga was “Fu Pow Chune”. In Sifu Chin’s lineage, there is only one.

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