Sifu Craig Lee Performing Jow Ga’s 10,000 Fist

8 01 2013

This is Sifu Craig Lee, performing 10,000 Fist behind the school in Chinatown.

No other information is necessary. I will post more about him later. Enjoy.


Thank you for visiting the Dean Chin Jow Ga Federation.



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9 01 2013

Moe; I forgot how Badd Craig was doing forms, very crisp, sharp… Do you have him doing any other forms? T.

Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2013 22:27:13 +0000 To:

9 01 2013

Hey Si Hing! Yeah I have the whole video that me and Craig shot in the alley. This is the video that Sifu had us attempt to record the whole curriculum that we never finished. I had to get it converted to a digital format in order to get it on youtube. More is coming!

14 07 2014

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12 03 2023
Tony Lee

Love this old footage. Craig taught me 4 years 1978-1982. I was there for his sifu test, Sifu Eugene, and Derrick. Great memories and lots learned. Please post more.

12 03 2023

Thank you! I have to work on converting from VHS to digital but I sure will.

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