Sifu Craig Lee Performing Jow Ga’s 10,000 Fist

8 01 2013

This is Sifu Craig Lee, performing 10,000 Fist behind the school in Chinatown.

No other information is necessary. I will post more about him later. Enjoy.


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DC Jow Ga’s Fu Pow Kune

6 01 2013

Performed by Sifu Maurice Gatdula in Sacramento, CA. Joined the Jow Ga school in 1981, and was a part of the “Sunday” bunch, who trained with Sifu Raymond Wong in the morning, and Sifu Chin in the afternoon–followed by a two hour sparring class taught by Tehran Brighthapt. Also trained during the week with various instructors and was promoted through both the weekend curriculum as well as the official school curriculum, led by Sifu Deric Mims.

Those of you who know this form will notice a section left out of the form, which was intentional. The goof-up during the introduction was un-intentional. 😉  This is what we in the Dean Chin lineage refer to as the “Warlock” version. This form was learned from Sifu Craig Lee in 1986 at Raymond Wong’s school. The Hong Kong version of Fu Pow begins in the standing “Goat Shearing Stance”, while Sifu Chin’s begins with Chan Man Cheung’s Hoi Lai, followed by the tension set in the Sei Ping Ma.

FYI, in other branches of Jow Ga, there are several versions of the Fu Pow form within the same school. One possible reason for this, is that one of the nicknames for Jow Ga was “Fu Pow Chune”. In Sifu Chin’s lineage, there is only one.

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Dean Chin’s Small Tiger

3 01 2013

The Siu Fok Fu (Small Subduing Tiger) form is undoubtedly one of the strongest pillar forms of Jow Ga Kung Fu. As central as this form is to the Jow Ga system, the versions vary from school to school, from branch to branch. In most American Jow Ga schools, Small Tiger–as it is known–is the first form taught to Jow Ga students after the foundation level. The foundation level in Jow Ga schools under the Dean Chin lineage consists of learning footwork, basic hand attacks, basic kicks, and physical training to prep the body for the rigors of Jow Ga training. (In many schools, this foundation level contains a footwork pattern named “Stance Training Form”, or “Stepping Form”)

Sifu Raymond Wong is Sifu Chin’s closest student, and in this video is Sifu Li Ling Li, Wong’s niece. She executes this form with the power and intensity that Dean Chin students are taught to use.


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Sifu Ron Wheeler Jow Ga Montage

2 01 2013

Sifu Ron Wheeler joined Jow Ga Association in 1979. Of the “80s Generation” of Jow Ga Sifu, he has been the most active and is the most accomplished of this generation–which consists of those who were training with Sifu Chin as a teen in the years before he passed away.

Ron is a “triple threat”, as he was accomplished as a Lion Dancer, a fighter, and as a forms competitor. He still competes today, as a man well in his 40s with the fitness level of most men literally half his age. This clip is certainly proof of that.

Ron teaches the first for-credit Kung Fu course at George Washington University.

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Jow Ga Demonstration in 1985

2 01 2013

In order to help you understand who Dean Chin is, and why he is significant in the Jow Ga world, it is would be most appropriate for you to see how Sifu Chin’s direct students looked.

We could write beautiful articles about Sifu’s exploits and how good he was as a teacher. Yet nothing proves a point better than a point “demonstrated”. Hopefully, this clip tells the story better than any 700-word essay.

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Bio of Late Jow Ga Master Chin Yuk Din

2 01 2013

Dean Chin took up the martial arts at the age of seven. His first instructors were uncles who taught him from the systems they knew: the White Eyebrow system, the White Crane system and the Hung Gar system. By the age of nine, when it became clear he was a prodigy of kung fu, he began the formal study of the Jow Ga system of kung fu. At thirteen he was invited into the Eagle Claw system at the school of the King of Eagles, Sifu Fu Liu, who taught him both Northern Shaolin and Eagle boxing forms. In spite of his youth, he mastered all of these kung fu methods, and excelled in grappling and Dim Mark (striking at pulse points).

It is not surprising that at the age of fourteen, the Jow Ga system recognized his genius and requested him to teach. From that time on, throughout the many years he taught Jow Ga, he never stopped learning from other kung fu masters with whom he exchanged system techniques. Some of these systems he learned from were: Wing Chung, Choy Li Fut, Jow Ga Praying Mantis, as well as Thai Boxing.

Master Dean Chin arrived in the United States in 1966. Shortly thereafter, he established the Jow Ga Kung Fu Association and opened the first Jow Ga kung fu academy in the Western hemisphere. In the ensuing years until his death in 1985, Master Dean Chin held many and diverse professional titles: the Overseas Coach for the Jow Biu branch of the Jow Ga Kung Fu Association; Eastern United States representative of the Hong Kong Chinese Martial Arts Association; member and qualified Sifu of Liu Fat Man’s (King of Eagles) Fan Tzi Eagle Claw School (a Northern Shaolin system); Advisor for the Presidents Cup (held annually in Taiwan-the worlds largest kung Fu tournament); and Vice Chairman of the Eastern United States Kung Fu Federation.

In the summer of 1999 at a dinner meeting in Hong Kong, Grand Master Chan Man Cheung, Master Dean Chins’ teacher and a direct disciple of Jow Biu (one of the founders and “Five Tigers” of Jow Ga), stated that Dean Chin was his most famous student. He went further to say that he only taught a few teachers here in the United States for any length of time. Those individuals were Master Dean Chin (founder of Jow Ga in the US), Master Hon Lee who resided in Hong Kong for several years and now teaches in Mclean, Virginia and the Chin brothers who live in New York.